The Ahmedabad Chronicle | Imprints of a millennium

Rs. 600

Page : 184

Printed, Soft Bound

Published, 2002

Reprint : 2011

Ahmedabad is a city that has developed and modernized on its own terms, with a symbiotic relationship between economy, art, education, culture, architecture and administration. Vastu Shilpa Foundation realized this aspect of the city while conceiving and installing the permanent museum in the city of Ahmedabad at Sanskar Kendra in 1999. This book is the culmination of intense research and inputs from professionals who brought out the multifaceted personality and underlying spirit of a living city at a museum, but also provided a substantial database together in this document. The book threads together the legends related with the city, its socio- political history, culture, folk and fine arts,architecture,crafts, festivals, industry, institutions and individuals to help understand Ahmedabad in the larger perspective.

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