Paths Uncharted

Author : Balkrishna Doshi

Rs. 1150

Page : 439

Printed, Soft Bound

Published, 2011

Published by, VSF - 2011

Reprint : 2012, 2015

Republised : Republished by Mapin in 2019

Paths Uncharted is an autobiographical journey which recounts the extraordinary life events and learnings from Doshi's lifelong diaries and notes maintained by him. It is a personal recounting of this remarkable journey unfolding over more than eighty years and across continents. The book takes one through memories, notes and sketches, with instances from Doshi’s career, his childhood and studies in Bombay and London, his work at Atelier Le Corbusier in Paris and his collaboration with Louis I Kahn for IIM Ahmedabad. It recounts his meetings with the most remarkable people in his own and allied fields, and his equally remarkable patrons.Doshi's life - from the time he was born into a modest family in the by-lanes of Pune, and his struggles and tenacity to excel in his chosen field - is a fascinating and inspiring story.

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