Concept of Space in Traditional Indian Architecture

Author : Yatin Pandya

Rs. 1295

Page : 148 with 294

Printed, Soft Bound

Published, 2005

Reprint : 2013

This book is an attempt at understanding the very roots of what constitutes the Indian context by examining its notions of time, space and existence.What makes historic architecture awe- inspiring? Why have architectural masterpieces retained their vitality even after so many centuries? At the outset the author sets forth fundamental Indian philosophical questions and ideological tenets - the Indian notion of Time, the duality of existence, the concept of world within a world, the idea of opposites as counterpoint, the role of semiotics in providing visual clues in architecture, the changing perception of space while in movement. 

Design principles as dictums for space organization are inferred and exemplified in a range of traditional Indian architectural examples.The study unravels the inherent virtues of traditional Indian architecture and interprets them as universal dictums, relevant even in today‚Äôs world. 

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