Elements of Spacemaking

Author : Yatin Pandya

Rs. 950

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Page : 215

Printed, Soft Bound

Published, 2006

Reprint : 2014

In Elements of Spacemaking, the notions of space are made physical, manifesting in architecture through the different elements that constitute the basic identifiable parts of the man-made or built environment. Each of these elements possesses attributes inherent to their morphological construct which gives them particular spatial properties, providing potential for their use and design in architectural compositions. The book examines the inherent attributes of 'space making' elements like roofs, walls, doors, windows, columns, stairs and floors and analyses their implicit influences in the design of space. It traces the linguistic origin of the term, as well as the evolution of each element through history - from primeval structures to modern architecture. The effective application of these complex elements are illustrated throughout using line drawings and sketches of detailed examples from all over the world.

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